Portion of Santa Monica Mountains to close due to beehives

A portion of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area in Malibu will be closed starting his week after multiple people have been reportedly stung by bees in the area.

The National Parks Service announced that Solstice Canyon will close on July 31 due to "multiple beehives affecting visitor use and park services." According to the NPS, numerous park goers have reported being stung be bees near the entrance to the area. 

The beehives are mostly near the Solstice Canyon Trail, the TRW Overlook Trail junction, and the education shelter structure. Images from SkyFOX showed signs near the trail, warning visitors of the nearby beehives. The locations of the beehives make the closure unavoidable, NPS officials said.


The NPS has contracted with a bee specialist to help get the bees away from the trail and the park buildings. Officials said the process involves agitating the bees for anywhere from two to seven days. That being said, park officials did not give any indication as to when Solstice Canyon may be open again, saying it will be closed "until further notice."