Palmdale Amazon workers walk out during labor practice strike

Amazon delivery drivers and dispatchers in Palmdale went on strike Thursday, demanding the e-commerce giant stop its unfair labor practices and bargain with the Teamsters Union to address low pay and dangerous working conditions. 

This is the first strike by Amazon drivers in the U.S. A walkout was held at the Palmdale warehouse. 

According to the Teamsters union, Amazon has allegedly engaged in dozens of unfair labor practices in violation of federal labor law.

"Amazon has no respect for the rule of law, the health of its workers, or the livelihood of their families," said Randy Korgan, Director of the Teamsters Amazon Division.

"We know Amazon’s massive profits are only possible thanks to our labor. We will not stand by while Amazon breaks the law. We are holding Amazon accountable for our safety on the job," said Jesus Gutierrez, an Amazon driver.

Workers say Amazon is putting profits over their safety. They say drivers in Palmdale are exposed to extreme temperatures, exceeding 100° F during the summer. 

"The back of an Amazon van feels like an oven in the summer," said Cecilia Porter, an Amazon Teamster driver. "I’ve felt dizzy and dehydrated, but if I take a break, I’ll get a call asking why I’m behind on deliveries."

An Amazon spokesperson released the following statement, "While we respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, the facts here are being intentionally misrepresented by the Teamsters and BTLT. This company has a history of underperformance and not providing a safe environment, and was notified that Amazon was ending their contract before the Teamsters got involved to try and re-write the facts."