Moreno Valley teacher wins online ‘bacon intern’ contest

One local teacher just got a new job – being a bacon intern for Farmer’s Boy. 

Mona Godfrey is a teacher at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley; and when she heard that she can get paid for eating bacon she jumped on board. 

In August, the California restaurant chain announced it was accepting application for a ‘bacon intern’. Those interested had to apply via Instagram by posting a video or picture explaining why they would be the best intern. 

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The Moreno Valley teacher quickly got online and posted a video of herself wearing a bacon costume and holding a Jesus candle covered up with a picture of bacon.


@farmerboysfood #farmerboysbaconintern #farmerboysbaconlntern

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“I’ve even put the offering to Saint bacon, cause I know I’m meant to be joined by you,” Godfrey said in her Instagram video

As a bacon intern she will get to eat and rate the restaurant’s bacon dishes for flavor, crispiness, and thickness. In addition to eating all the delicious bacon Godfrey will receive $1,000 for one day.