Mixed local reaction on Trump's Mexico visit

Donald Trump piñatas and harsh words about the Republican nominee's trip to Mexico City from anti-Trump protestors like Diana Colin with CHIRLA Action Fund. As she and others stood in front of the LA County Registrar-Recorders Office in New York says, "It's a joke and while he's over there campaigning and having the media spotlight families are over here working underpaid jobs because they don't have access to a work permit."

But, on the Latinos FOR Trump side, Felix Vega says the visit was a great move and an "excellent idea. Trump is facing the problems head on. He's not afraid to go right after the problem of immigration."

To Raul Hinojosa with the Center for North American Immigration and Development at UCLA, "I think it was a smart opportunistic move." Although to the professor, "there is a complete bewilderment of why the President have even invited him."

Hinojosa says neither the Mexican President nor Trump are popular in Mexico. As for the protestors in Norwalk, same thing! Colin says, "We feel that both him and the Mexican President are taking our Latino and immigrant community are using us as a political tool... as a campaign tool... as a media tool."

Vega, though, says, "They were able to get five very distinct points of interest that benefitted both the United States and Mexico and there is a foundation to build upon there."

Meanwhile, Dr. Hinojosa says, "From an optics point of view, from a publicity stunt point of view, it's brilliant. The question is does it add anything substantive to what he's going to be able to add as a policy matter. I don't think so."

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