Long Beach teacher allegedly made threat to shoot students, parent says

A Long Beach teacher was placed on leave after allegedly making threats to shoot students at the school. 

"What if this teacher wakes up one day and just snaps. Are they going to wait for him to do something," said Elsa Barragan, the mother of a student at Woodrow Wilson High School. 

She expressed outrage at an alleged threat made by a teacher at the school to his students. Her nephew, who also attends the high school, was in the accused teachers class on November 2 when he allegedly made the threat. 

According to her nephew the teacher reportedly said, "This school is lucky they don’t let me bring in my 9mm Glock or else I would’ve shot four students already."

With all the violence on school campuses, Barragan took these reported threats seriously. She made several attempts to underscore the seriousness of this alleged threat to school officials…but she says nothing happened until she posted the allegations to social media — and got more than 5,000 likes.

She also marched with signs addressing the controversy.

Students also say the teacher was personally inappropriate with female students.

That teacher is reportedly on leave. School officials refused multiple attempts by FOX 11 to get a statement.