Large demonstration held in Downtown Los Angeles to show support for Ukraine

A large demonstration was held Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles to show solidarity with Ukraine.

The rally was held in front of City Hall, and people brought Ukrainian flags and signs.

"We want to show appreciation to Ukraine, to support our own nation. We feel deep emotional sorrow right now with everything that is happening right now with the war. We want to help our country as much as we want with our support emotionally, and financially," said Andriy.

Andriy was born in Ukraine, but moved to the United States twelve years ago. He is now residing in Los Angeles, but has family in Ukraine.

"My grandparents are still there [in Ukraine]. Everybody is living on the edge right now. Everyone is in bomb shelters and the whole country is in an awful position at the moment," he said.

Alexander also fears for his family's safety.  

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"A bunch of my family on my mother's side fled the city to the west, towards a relatively safe spot and unfortunately on my dad's side of the family, only my grandmother is left alive," he said.

Alexander is concerned about his grandmother's safety.

"Every time I wake up, I'm worried about my grandma. Every time I go to bed, I'm worried about my grandma. I try to call her to see what's going on. There was a bomb that blew up really close to her house too," he said.

He plans to bring his grandmother to the U.S.

"I'm gonna have to take the next flight out to either Poland or Moldova and go to the border to rescue my grandma. As long as I can get her to the border,  I'll meet her there and thank God she still has a U.S visa," he said.

The group came with a list of demands for U.S. leaders. The demands included asking the U.S. to provide military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, to isolate Russia on the world stage, and to close the airspace over Ukraine.

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"We can't just watch this without doing anything and we have to contribute in all ways possible that we currently have. We're really grateful [to the U.S.] in terms of what's already been done but kids are dying, people are dying, and innocent civilians so it's not enough right now," said Linda.

There have been several rallies held in Los Angeles to support Ukraine. There will be another rally and fundraiser March 24 from 5-9 p.m. at The Abbey in West Hollywood. 

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