LAPD detective who tried to buy gun silencer from China charged: DA

A detective with the Los Angeles Police Department has been charged with attempting to obtain a gun silencer that he allegedly purchased from China, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced Wednesday. 

According to the LAPD, Detective I Luke Walden, who was last assigned to the Gang and Narcotics Division, attempted to purchase the silencer in April 2021, which classifies as a felony. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol intercepted package from China that contained the silencer. The address on the package matched one belonging to Walden, officials said.

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He is charged with one felony count of attempted possession of a silencer and is scheduled to be arraigned on Dec. 7.

"Any device that is intended to silence or muffle a firearm is illegal," District Attorney Gascón said. "This case is especially troubling given that the accused is a senior law enforcement officer. Anyone who tries to circumvent our laws by trying to purchase such items overseas will be held accountable for their actions, no matter their profession."