LA Mayor Karen Bass 'actively in discussion' with SEIU, LAUSD

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is meeting with representatives from the SEIU and the Los Angeles Unified School District. In an exclusive interview with FOX 11, Bass told Elex Michaelson that she is "actively in discussions" to try and end the strike that's closed down schools for two days now.

"I'm really hoping we can come to a conclusion soon… I am optimistic we will get there," Bass said.

When Michaelson pressed if they were close to a deal, she demurred, saying "I don't know I can say."

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Bass said she's been engaged behind the scenes for the last week, as SEIU service workers push for higher wages & district negotiators say they don't have the funds to give them what they want.

If a deal is not reached on Wednesday night, more than 400,000 students will not be in their classrooms on Thursday.

Michaelson's complete interview with Bass will air on FOX 11 on Friday, March 24, at 10:30pm on "The Issue Is:," California's only statewide political show.