'We're losing money': Sherman Oaks small business owners plagued by homeless crisis

A Los Angeles business owner has had it with the homeless crisis in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood. She says the unhoused people are ruining her livelihood and killing her business.

"People are afraid to come out," said Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill owner Angela Marsden. "They're afraid to spend their money here. They're afraid to come here. We're losing money. Every single small business in Sherman Oaks is losing money."

Marsden, who went viral back in December 2020 when she shared a video of an apparent double-standard between her bar and grill shutting down and a nearby business setting up a catering service, told FOX 11 she is furious after a homeless woman allegedly attacked her and her employees multiple times.

"I have been attacked by her," Marsden said. "My cooks, you ask them. They've been threatened every morning by her."

Marsden admits the woman's presence has stressed her out.

"This is PTSD," she said. "Like I am freaking out right now."

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Video captured by FOX 11's crews showed the woman showing bizarre and unruly behavior at Marsden's Sherman Oaks restaurant.

FOX 11 caught up with one of the responding Los Angeles Police Department officers at the scene. While the responding officer refused to give comment on the situation, he admitted to FOX 11's Gina Silva that "you can see the frustration on my face."

The woman was left alone following the incident Monday night.

The Sherman Oaks community tells FOX 11 they don't have a problem with LAPD. However, they do have a "huge problem" with city and county officials reporting on the homeless crisis.