Kidsave Summer Miracles program hosts international orphans in need of adoptive homes

With children in need around the world, Kidsave has a heart for international adoptions. As the Los Angeles-based nonprofit looks for adoptive homes in the U.S., it is also in need of short-term host families.

In the Kidsave Summer Miracles program, the Tarkingtons of Stevenson Ranch opened their home as a host family to a 13-year-old from Colombia as the search was on to find him an adoptive home in the United States.

The Summer Miracles program is described as giving older orphans (ages 11-14) who are overseas a chance at a family.

The role of Priscilla and Shawn Tarkington in hosting a child was to "try to connect them with families looking to adopt." 

"It gave me hope. Hope in making a difference in a child's life," Shawn said.

Kidsave says, "Efforts to find these children a family in their own country have been exhausted."  

Some host families do adopt.

Matt stayed at their home for five weeks over the summer. He loves to sing and to cook, Part of the responsibility of a host family is to also help fund the visit.

"We're just a party of two. Not that we don't laugh together. It just brought a whole other level of humor and joy," Priscilla said.

Matt has since returned to Colombia as Kidsave continues efforts to find an adoptive family.

The next program and chance to become a host family is coming up for the Kidsave Winter Miracles Program which runs three weeks.