In Depth: The Pacific & our neighbors to the West

Special thanks to Hal Wells of Hollywood Divers. and Capt. Joe - Westerly Dive Boat in Long Beach on this week's In Depth!

SEGMENT ONE: Sharks!! We have underwater footage shot by our own Christina Gonzales and other divers she spends time with swimming with sharks. She and Hal Wells from Hollywood Divers talk about the importance of understanding sharks and their purpose as apex predators.

SEGMENT TWO: Dolphins & Whales! We have footage from Davey's Locker from whale watching trips. Again, really great video and commentary from Tammy Lang. Tammy is a naturalist. She talks how things we do affect the sea creatures that live in our ocean.

SEGMENT THREE: Heal the Bay! We go to their aquarium at the Santa Monica Pier and talk with Talia Walsh from Heal the Bay. She talks about our local fish, beach erosion and pollution in the water.

SEGMENT FOUR: We hear from people on the Santa Monica pier to find out what they know about the ocean, pollution, plant life, sea life and what they do to protect the ocean from pollution when they visit the beach.