In Depth: Summer of Strikes

In segment one, Hal is joined by entertainment attorney and journalist Jonathan Handel to talk about the impact of the WGA and SAG/AFTRA strikes. Handel talks about how the income disparity between the wealthy and the working class is becoming untenable, and that is why we are seeing so many labor actions.

He discusses the public’s misconception about how much people who work in Hollywood actually get paid.  They also talk about the friction between motion picture and TV negotiators and the labor unions.

In segment two, Kevin Klowden, the Chief Global Strategist with the Milken Institute think tank, joins Hal to talk about the economic impact of the labor actions.

He says the impact on local jobs and real estate is wide-ranging and cites the last writer’s strike back in 2007 as an example of the devastating effect the strike could have on the economy, not just locally but worldwide.

In segment three, personal finance expert Bobbi Rebell joins Hal to give us some examples of coping strategies that could be used by strikers or those who are undergoing any kind of financial difficulties.

Rebell talks about finding sources of income that might not be immediately evident, taking a hard look at expenses that could be cut, and negotiation bills with everyone from your credit card company to your dry cleaner.