In Depth: Saving LA's Gems

Segment One:

Hal talks to 1933 group Co-owner Bobby Green about the designer group that has renovated many of L.A.’s historic eateries and bars,  from the Formosa Café, to the Idle Hour Bar, to the Highland Bowl and more.   Green talks about what inspired him and how he is excited by Los Angeles’ fun and quirky appeal.  He talks about their latest project, the Tail O’  the Pup, the iconic hot dog stand in West Hollywood, which they hope to re-open early this summer.

Segment Two:

Andrew Meieran, the Owner of Clifton’s and Founder of The Neverlands joins Hal to discuss the renovation and re-launch of Clifton’s Republic.

Meieran talks about the history of Clifton’s Cafeteria, and the many incarnations it has gone through.   He discusses his vision for the reboot of the multi-story restaurant bar.

He talks about the challenges they’ve dealt with since the pandemic and the supply issues they are still going through.  Meieran says that Clifton’s will definitely have a cafeteria again, though it will be updated, and changed from the classic cafeteria in the old days.

Segment Three: 

Nick Griffin, Executive Director of Downtown Center Business Improvement District joins Hal to talk about the function of the BID, how it helps clean up and maintain Downtown spaces and encourage commerce and residential development.   He gives us a little background on the renaissance of the downtown area, and what he sees happening in the area going forward.