In Depth: Rockhaven Sanitarium

Hal Eisner is joined by Joanna Linkchorst, President of Friends of Rockhaven California; Sen. Anthony Portantino; and psychology professor Vickie Mays to talk about the 100th anniversary of Rockhaven Sanitarium.

The facility stands behind a rock wall in a quiet part of the San Gabriel Valley and was established by a psychiatric nurse in 1923 to be a mental health facility for women, run by women. It was a compassionate alternative to some of the harsh psychiatric facilities of the day.

Linkchorst has been attempting to bring attention to the facility in hopes of preserving it as a park and museum instead of losing it to development. She discusses what makes the facility unique and why she believes it should be preserved.

Sen. Portantino joins Hal to talk about the $8 million he requested be apportioned from the California budget to preserve Rockhaven and create that museum.

Professor Mays talks about the significance of a facility like Rockhaven, and how it fits into the history of mental health care in the United States