In Depth: Long Beach attractions bouncing back

Hal is remote at the Queen Mary to talk about how local Long Beach landmarks and attractions are bouncing back.

In segment one, Hal is joined by the Managing Director of the Queen Mary, Steve Caloca, to talk about the reopening of the ship and its hotel after a three-year shutdown during the pandemic.  

The Queen Mary is undergoing a face lift, and has had vital safety and design upgrades. While the work is still ongoing, Caloca explains that the ship is welcoming back visitors and that many of its restaurants, bars and attractions are open again. He discusses the challenges he faced while taking over during the pandemic.

In segment two, Dr. Peter Kareiva, the president and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific, joins Hal on the Queen Mary to talk about the Aquarium’s 25th anniversary.  

They talk about the new Southern California gallery which shows visitors the wonders right in their own Pacific Ocean backyard.  Hal and Kareiva discuss the impacts of climate change on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the sea life therein.

In segment three, Hal rejoins the Queen Mary’s Steve Caloca in one of the staterooms that are reopened for overnight guests. They discuss the amenities and attractions that visitors can enjoy aboard the ship and how the Queen Mary strives to keep her authenticity and history alive.

In segment four, Hal goes up on the ship’s bridge with Captain James Sanders and he shows us some of the features of the ship’s controls.  

He discusses the Queen Mary’s tours and tells Hal about an encounter with an eerie presence that may have been one of the ship’s notorious ghosts.