In Depth: Long COVID

Hal Eisner is joined by pulmonologist Martin Schlusselberg, M.D, Long COVID sufferer Joey Jones, and Survivor Corps founder Diana Guthe to talk about the mysterious ailment known as "Long COVID."

Dr. Schlusselberg discusses what the ailment is and how it has affected patients.  He discusses treatment options with Hal and talks about what progress is being made against the malady.

Patient Joey Jones explains how Long COVID has affected her, and her journey to find professionals who can help her recover after she came down with COVID in March of 2020.  She says she had trouble even finding a doctor who knew or believed in Long COVID. Guthe discusses the organization she founded in the early days of the pandemic to help those "long-haulers"  and explains how Survivor Corps has grown and changed over the years.  

She explains how it can help sufferers and shares the website for those who need help, or those who want to help.