In Depth: LAX Modernization

In segment one, Hal is on location at LAX. He is joined by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) CEO Justin Erbacci. Erbacci gives us an overview of the $30+ billion Capital Improvement Program that will transform LAX.  

One of the biggest projects is the "People Mover" project that will bring people into and around the airport.  That project is expected to be complete by the end of 2024. 

He also discusses the new rental car facility known as "ConRAC," which will be the biggest facility of its kind in the world.

In segment two, Hal is back with Erbacci, discussing the perception that LAX is a difficult place to traverse.  Erbacci says that for many years there was little infrastructure spending at LAX and now that is being remedied.  

They discuss plans for Terminal 9 and Concourse 0, which will provide a total of 23 news gates for aircraft and International capabilities. They will help eliminate the use of remote gates, and streamline passenger experience.

LAX is also redoing the roads in the Central Terminal Area and doing airfield improvements on the runways and taxiways to assist with operations.

In segment three, Hal and Erbacci discuss the ongoing construction at LAX and the workforce development program that hires people with employment challenges.  

The airport also pledges to hire workers from the local area. The CEO also talks about some of the high tech improvements at the airport, from Smart Parking that lets drivers reserve spots in advance, to ordering from the concessionaires through an app, rather than waiting in line.

LAWA is also pioneering a program that lets people book a time for TSA screening in advance.

 In segment four, Hal and Erbacci take a look at a parking lot security robot.