In Depth: Farms

In segment one, Hal is joined by Ben Collier, CEO of The Farmlink Project. He explains that the project was started by college students during the pandemic to help move surplus food to food banks.   

Collier explains that many college students are food insecure, and that also was motivation.

The group, as of now, has recovered about 150 million lbs. of produce and delivered it to communities around North America. Their website is

Collier also tells us about the documentary that came out this week about the group. It’s called "Abundance - The Farmlink Story." You can watch it on YouTube.

In segment two, Hal speaks to Mary Maranville, the founder and CEO of SEEAG, which stands for Students for Eco-Education & Agriculture. 

Maranville discussed her goals with SEEAG, and how she likes to see kids learn where their food comes from. She also talks about the upcoming Ventura County Farm Day on November 4. Their website is

In segment three, Hal talks with Chris Sayer, the Manager of Petty Ranch. They are one of the participants in Ventura County Farm Day.  

Sayer tells Hal what a modern farmer does, what they grow at the ranch, (avocados to figs) and what people can expect from Farm Day.