In Depth: Disability Pride Month

In segment one, Hal is joined by Nic Novicki, a disabled comedian, actor and producer who launched the Disability Film Challenge in 2013.

Nic explains why the challenge is important, how it’s grown over the years, and how it provides opportunities for disabled actors and filmmakers. Anyone who wants to participate in next year’s challenge can sign up online at

In segment two, Debbie Pearl with Dream Fetchers joins Hal to talk about her nonprofit that benefits both disabled dogs and disabled humans.   

The "Unstoppable Dogs," a group of canines with various disabilities who have been rescued, are sharing their resilience and love with people who are undergoing various challenges.  

The dogs spread joy among children and inspire others who may have physical or mental challenges.

You can follow Debbie and the dogs or contribute on social media, or follow @theunstoppabledogs on Instagram.

In segment three, Drew Long joins Hal to talk about her invention "Caroline’s Cart." It’s named after her disabled daughter Caroline and solves a problem that many parents of special needs children face: how to maneuver through a retail store with a shopping cart and a wheelchair.  

Facing that challenge herself, Drew invented "Caroline’s Cart," a shopping cart with a seat in the front that allows a disabled person to participate in the most basic and elemental activities. 

Drew then had the cart manufactured and is managing distribution. Her goal is to have a Caroline’s Cart in every retail establishment across the country.

More information is available at