'I just want justice': Grieving families remember Windsor Hills crash victims

Family members of the last victim to be officially identified, 43-year-old Nathesia Lewis, held a vigil in her honor and the five other souls who lost their lives in the fiery Windsor Hills crash one week ago.

"We’re not only heartbroken for Tisha but all the families, all the families," says Patricia Allen, Lewis’ aunt.

Another family member, Ronue Franklin, spoke of the trauma caused by learning the details of his sister’s death.

"The main thing that got me, when they said my sister burned in that car and she was trying to get out and she was hollering, that just killed me. I just want justice for my sister Nathesia Lewis, please," he said.

The woman who caused the deadly accident, 37-year-old Nicole Linton has been charged with six counts of murder and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter.

The shocking security video shows Linton driving a Mercedes at high speeds and running a red light, causing a fiery crash.

"I would just ask her why? What were you doing? What were you thinking?" asks Jewell Lewis, another heartbroken sibling.


Krystal Hunt, a community member who has been attending the vigils for all the victims says the City of LA should be providing mental health resources for the people who are traumatized by this horrific accident.

"Some people who probably never had mental illness, PTSD, depression or anything like that, I’m sure has it now," Hunt said.

As a community reflects on the loss of life, Nathesia’s sister, Jasmond Nelson, says she wants people to always remember one thing, "I just pray that people make better choices. For whatever reason it is, you need to consider other people’s lives and what people are going through and the impact you can make, by a flash decision of not being in control of yourself."

Nathesia Lewis leaves behind six children. A GoFundMe page has been launched for Lewis' grieving family. Those looking to help can click here.