Horse runs through Burbank yards, cop rides animal back to owner

A spooked horse that went sprinting through Burbank streets gave spectators quite a sight, but the animal was safely recovered and reunited with its owner, police said Wednesday.

According to Burbank police, officers responded around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to Riverside Drive and Mariposa Street after receiving a report about a horse running loose. A woman told police the animal was frantically running down the street with a saddle attached, leading her to believe the owner had fallen from the horse and might be injured.

Responding officers found the horse — named Oreo — grazing on the front lawn of a residence. Officer Nicholas Moreno, who grew up around horses, calmly mounted the animal.

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The horse's owner was located at Mariposa Bridge near Valley Heart Drive and Mariposa Street. The owner said the horse had gotten spooked after a ride and ran off.

Moreno rode Oreo back to its owner, and the two were reunited, police said.