Mayor Karen Bass launches Hollywood facet to program combatting homeless crisis

Mayor Karen Bass announced the launch of Inside Safe’s Selma Avenue location in Hollywood on Friday, August 11; another strategy aimed at combating Los Angeles' homelessness crisis

Inside Safe is a citywide, voluntary, proactive housing-led strategy focused on bringing people inside and preventing encampments from returning. The Selma location is their latest installment in the $250 million program.

"We are working every day, across Los Angeles, to urgently confront the homelessness crisis. We will not let up," said Mayor Bass. "Inside Safe continues to bring people inside who are living on the streets and in encampments and help connect them with housing and services."

The Selma location marks the 24th Inside Safe encampment operation in the city. The program brought in more than 1,400 Angelenos inside, according to Bass' team.


Inside Safe is part of Mayor Bass' efforts to accelerate housing strategies and lower the cost of building affordable and temporary housing, according to Bass' team. Bass said the program's goals are to reduce loss of life on LA streets, increase access to mental health services, eliminate street encampments, promote long-term housing stability and enhance safety and hygiene to all LA neighborhoods.

The homelessness crisis was a primary focus for Mayor Bass when she assumed office in December 2022. Studies show that the LA homeless population rose by 10% in the past year, while the number of those in interim housing remained steady, the Los Angeles Homeless Services reports. Bass declared the homelessness crisis a state of emergency for LA City within two weeks of her inauguration.

"Together, we are helping people start new chapters of their lives," said Mayor Bass.