'History is repeating itself': Dodgers fans hopeful for another series comeback in NLCS

Lots of travelers were seen going through LAX Friday. Some were heading for Atlanta, Georgia of all places.

Among them was sports journalist Arash Markazi, who found himself flying with about a dozen Dodger fans. 

This while his sports brain was packing thoughts of how last season’s Braves-Dodgers postseason is stacking up with this years. 

Says Markazi, "They’re exactly the same so far. The Braves win the first two. The Dodgers win game three. The Braves win game four and everyone thinks that their season is over." 

Very true and then there is that amazing Game 5. The emotional rollercoaster this postseason, though, has been heart-wrenching. 

We asked fans at Pro Image Sports in Culver City the emotions they were feeling. Answers including words like "pretty emotional" and "emotionally draining."

If anyone knows that stomach-churning feeling, it’s Ricardo Valeaquez. Ricardo and his partner Eddie Varela both nearly lost their whole business due to the pandemic. In September 2020, they thought they were sunk. 

Now, thanks to the Dodgers and their postseason runs, the uptick in business Velasquez feels "way high. Higher than high." 

That’s how he thinks the Dodgers must feel after their 11-2 shellacking of the Braves in Game 5.

So when you ask what do you expect this weekend, you’ll get answers like "I need them to win this weekend."

Another fan saying, "I feel like they’re going to do it. I do"

Velasquez adding, "For sure, the Dodgers are going to repeat what happened last year."

This while Arash Markazi says, "History is repeating itself. As I told the fans out there ‘don’t lose confidence look what happened just last year.’"