VIDEO: Good Samaritans rescue driver from vehicle that flipped over on the 10 Freeway

Dramatic video shows a group of good Samaritans rescue a driver after their car flipped on the 10 Freeway in Rosemead on Sunday.

Footage posted by Regina Jones shows the red Toyota Sienna swerving along the eastbound lanes of the 10 Freeway before colliding with the overpass and landing at the side of the roadway near exit marker 27.

"My husband had noticed this car swerving in and out of lanes. Then he said, ‘You better get your camera out, this guy is drunk.’ I started filming, and all of a sudden this happened," Jones said.


Jones is heard on the video telling her husband to pull their vehicle over and go help the driver. He jumped out to try to help the driver and the other occupant. Other motorists are seen pulling over to help in the rescue effort.

"There was a security guard with a baton, trying to break the glass. There's a lady down on her knees, a lady in a dress with one shoe on. It just got so surreal when you think about it," she told FOX 11. 

As more bystanders stop to assist, the good Samaritans are seen on video attempting to share the car to try to push it right-side-up, then working to remove the windshield to try to free the driver and another occupant.

Both the driver and passenger, identified by CHP officials as 31-year-old Jose G. Vasquez and 55-year-old Alfredo Vasquez of Oakland and are expected to survive. They were taken to the Los Angeles County Medical Center for their minor back injuries sustained in the crash. 

The CHP confirmed Wednesday that Jose Vasquez was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.