FOX 11 In Depth on School Safety, Helping Charities and a Look Back on The Beatles

SEGMENT ONE: Beaumont School Superintendent Terrence Davis, Rialto School Superintendent Cuauhtemoc Avila and Yucaipa/Calimesa Superintendent Cali Binks talk about their districts as school gets going for 2018. Finances, school safety and teaching our kids.

SEGMENT TWO: The California Coast Classic is a bike ride to help raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. It's a decades-old event that brings in big dollars to help research in the many crippling arthritic diseases. Joining us are Shannon Marang Cox with the Arthritis Foundation, Raquel Ovilo and her 8-year-old daughter Alessandra Tencza who has rheumatoid arthritis.

SEGMENT THREE: We dug way back into our KTTV archives and found some vintage video - film from 1966 - of John, Paul, George and Ringo addressing that controversy they triggered when John said the Beatles were... "more popular than Jesus." Chris Carter, who has Beatles shows on KLOS Radio and SiriusXM, talks us through what happened back then! Also, a preview of our podcast with Carter on "What the Hal?" which you can find at:

"What The Hal?" is a podcast where we talk in depth with news makers and public figures on significant topics that are relevant to our Los Angeles audience. This podcast is a more intimate conversation with the guests that appear on the "FOX 11 News In Depth" show that airs Sunday mornings on FOX 11.

SEGMENT FOUR: A preview of Kelly Taylor's interview of ME! Hal Eisner. We take you back to my cowboy-days and beyond!