FOX 11 In Depth: Electric scooters, Happy Hill in Simi Valley

We have a great roundtable on this show, which covers the craze around those dock-less electric scooters you see popping up in various cities, including what seems to be the epicenter of activity here in Santa Monica, California.

With so much interest (and controversy) over riding them legally, we talk with Santa Monica police, city officials and Lime's General Manager here in LA.

We referenced a card that police have been handing out which covers the rules and regulations around the motorized scooter. You can check it out here:

Lime also has a user agreement, which can be found here:

Here's the What The Hal podcast, which takes the conversation further:

And if you've spent some time in Simi Valley, I'm sure you've driven westbound on the 118 and noticed the big happy face on the hillside. Hal Eisner Journalist talks to the guy who created the face -- which started as a prank back in 1998.