Fake food delivery driver linked to at least 4 burglaries since November

A 37-year-old Monrovia man was behind bars Wednesday on suspicion of at least four burglaries in which he allegedly posed as a food deliveryman as a cover, police said.

Police booked Marcus Allen Corner on Tuesday on suspicion of burglary, said Kyle Oldoerp of the Irvine Police Department.

Investigators suspect he was burglarizing town homes and condos in the city since November. He was tied to at least four break-ins through video surveillance videos, Oldoerp said.

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Irvine police were checking with neighboring law enforcement agencies to see if the suspect was tied to other burglaries, he added.

In one of the videos the suspect allegedly was seen walking around with a Starbucks bag with a receipt stapled to it.

"It gives him the appearance he's delivering something so it allows him to wander around" looking for homes with doors or windows unlocked, Oldoerp said.

Police also believe he would look for keys under mats as well to gain entry.

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"It sure highlights the importance of having cameras" for security, Oldoerp said. "It definitely  helped us locate him."

Police also posted about the suspect last month on social media, which led to one victim calling investigators, Oldoerp said.