Exotic animal ranch nearly destroyed in Creek Fire, animals spared

"It's extremely devastating...I don't think it's even processed yet." said, Cory Lagusker, owner of Reptacular Ranch in Sun Valley.

The exotic animal sanctuary and events venue was nearly destroyed when the Creek Fire swept through.

Lagusker returned Wednesday to find his home a pile of ash. "My front door...you walk in where our Christmas tree was...we had just bought it."

Also gone, important keepsakes of his 3-year-old son. "When he was born, I had his feet casted...gone. Everything I had for my son is gone." .

Lagusker and his employees were to forced to flee Tuesday morning as flames closed in, rounding up some 500 animals.

Animal keeper Jessica Reyes hurried to pack up dozens of reptiles and small animals. These pictures of the critters taken after they were finally safe.

"Just trying to pack up all the reptiles, the snakes, our iguanas...our tortoises. Putting them in the trunks of the hatchback cars - so wherever it was able to fit...we fit." Reyes said.

But sadly there was no room for these 5 cows. "So we let our cows go free...I came back the next morning...I found them walking around. I was so happy." said Lagusker.

Clara Belle and the other cows received their first meal in 3 days.

"I've never been so happy to see Clara Belle. She made it and we're all so super excited and happy that's she's here." Reyes said.

Meanwhile, the other animals are spread out in multiple locations throughout Los Angeles waiting to return home.

Lagusker, a member of the Army National Guard says, like his tattered flag, his ranch will rise from the ashes.

A GoFundMe page to help with expenses of feeding and caring for the animals as some of their pens and cages were completely destroyed.

Lagusker is hoping to rebuild quickly and get his animals back as soon as possible.

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