Eagle Rock High School student victim of alleged attempted kidnapping

The teen girl attends school at Eagle Rock High School. Police say, she was walking home from school Monday afternoon just up the hill near Occidental College when a man tried to pull her into a car.

The alleged attempted kidnapping happened near the corner of Campus Road and Escarpa Drive on Monday around 3pm. This is a well-traveled shortcut behind the school into the adjacent neighborhood bordering occidental college.

"At first yeah it does make you feel unsafe and worry about your peers." said 8th grader Emily Zamarron.

The victim told police she was approached by a man in a black car who grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into his vehicle. Fortunately, she broke free. Her parents called police and notified the school. The principal sent out this letter to students and parents alerting them of the incident.

"It could happen to my child... And I have to be aware of what is happening around here." said Emily's mother Luzy Reyes.

The female victim ran to nearby Occidental College for help. News of the alleged attack didn't sit well with college students there.

"Makes me feel kind of unsafe especially now that I'm here in the dark." said Occidental senior Jodie Kincaid.

The campus is no stranger to troubling incidents. Last year... Fox 11 reported on a bizarre string of crimes inside female dormitories.

"There's been a couple of incidents. There was one where a man was breaking into one of the halls and he stole their underwear and was running around. It happened twice in the same hall. A girl was groped right here in the beginning of the school year before everyone was on campus and we all got an email about that." Kincaid said.

Luckily, the high schooler was able to escape unharmed. For its part... Eagle Rock high is adding extra campus police patrols in the neighborhood.

The suspect is described as a brown eyed man between 20 and 25 years old weighing 150 pounds.. About 5 feet 11 inches tall. He was wearing jeans with a black hoodie.

He was driving a black 4-door car.

Anyone with information is urged to contact LAPD's northeast division.