Dodgers sued: 2 more lawsuits accuse team's security of abusing fans

Two new lawsuits have been filed against the Los Angeles Dodgers by fans who allege the team’s security guards abused them.

Didonato Law Center said there are more than a dozen lawsuits against security at Dodger Stadium in Elysian Park. In one of the new lawsuits, Dodgers security guards are accused of sexual battery and in the second, fans are alleging assault. 


Cell phone video taken back in July is at the center of the lawsuits. Christian Beltran and his brother Manuel Romero said they were leaving the game against the Nationals when they alleged a security guard pointed at Beltran and attacked him without explanation or provocation. Beltran walks with a cane due to a construction accident and his brother intervened to explain to security that his brother was disabled.

The brothers said they were both attacked by Dodger security guards, handcuffed, and injured in the incident. They were also subject to a citizen’s arrest for battery. The city’s attorney's office declined to charge them and now, the brothers are suing Dodgers security for assault, false imprisonment, and false arrest.

The other incident stems from an incident from October 2021. In that lawsuit, a woman alleges she did not set off the metal detectors when she entered the ballpark but was subjected to a pat down. During the pat down, she claims a female security guard touched her inappropriately. The victim said when her son complained, the security guard responded "Well, did she enjoy it?"

Lawyers representing the victims are asking the city attorney to investigate.

FOX 11 reached out to the Dodges for comment and so far, has not heard back.