Son accused of decapitating parents in Orange County

An elderly couple, along with their dog, were found dead Tuesday morning inside their home in San Juan Capistrano.

Orange County deputies shot the suspect, 41-year-old Joseph Brandon Gerdvil, the couple's son.

Deputies originally responded to a mobile home park in the 32000 block of Alipaz Street around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday for a domestic violence call. 

According to law enforcement, they also received reports of a man covered in blood chasing the neighborhood’s maintenance worker.

"To know that our maintenance guy, Billy, was on top of it and had the heroic effort to try to catch the [suspect], that’s awesome," said Victoria Alford.

Authorities located Gerdvil on a golf cart along a bike trail near Calle Arroyo. Deputies made contact with him and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. Gerdvil was struck multiple times and taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. 

"He had a drug issue," said Bob Demario. "That’s why he lived there and they kept him there."

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The elderly couple killed was identified as 77-year-old Ronald Walter Gerdvil and 79-year-old Antoinette Gerdvill. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, the couple and their dog were all decapitated. 

Residents in the mobile home park described the neighborhood as nice and quiet.

"It’s horrifying," said Tammy Pavese. "We have a lot of families with small children that live here."

According to one neighbor, David Desmond, he saw the younger Gerdvil fighting with his father on Monday.

"Younger guy was in his face, with his finger pointing at him, in his face," said David Desmond.  "I didn’t hear what they were saying, but he looked really angry and the other guy was old."

Neighbors described the family as friendly and quiet.

"The lady that lived there walked her dog all of the time in the neighborhood," said Pavese. "Everybody knew who he was."

"[They were a] very sweet couple," said Alford. "And at that age, to tragically be murdered by your own son is just tragic, period."