Chino Hills man slashed by suspect with machete after confrontation over car


A Chino Hills man is attacked with a machete after he confronts the burglar who was trying to break into his car.

Just after 4 AM, a thief set off a truck alarm in the Le Parc neighborhood.

"I came running out in just my underwear and socks," said Doug Goshen, the truck's owner. "I basically just snapped on him. I kicked him and told him to get the bleep out of my vehicle."

Goshen said he believes the same thief broke into his truck six months ago, stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools. A carpenter by trade, he said it's been expensive to get his livelihood back. So, when he heard the alarm go off again Tuesday morning, he wasn't about to let the thief get away.

"All I saw was a silver flash," Goshen said of the weapon the suspect slammed into his arm. "Thought it was a bat, and looked down and saw my arm filleted."

It turned out, what he thought was a bat was actually a machete. It partially severed his arm.

"It was like the movies," he said. "I didn't think blood could come of you that quick but it did. I knew he was chasing me because I heard the smack of his shoes behind me."

He said as he rounded the corner to run up the stairs in front of his home, the tripped.

"That was the scariest moment of my life right there. When I fell, I didn't want to look up. It was my biggest fear."

Thankfully, the suspect had turned to make his escape too. Goshen then scrambled to his doorway to call 911, leaving a trail of blood behind him and in the doorway. Now, Chino Hils Police are looking for the suspect.

In addition to paying for the tools the thief stole last time, now Goshen is out of work entirely for the next few months as a carpenter.

Anyone who wants to help him, can donate here.