Brazil in LA, a community crawl in Culver City

Copa América is bringing world-class soccer to the United States. On Monday, it was Brazil at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. 

Want a further taste of Brazil? Visit Culver City where there's a business community year 'round of all things Brazil.

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center 

Samba is synonomous with Brazil. At the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, classes are offered, including samba. Visiting instructor Alex Coutinho was called "the number one samba instructor out of Brazil" by Angeleno Nicole Steen. 

She turned out for his samba in motion class.

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In Portuguese, he brings his mastery of samba to SoCal once or twice a year. Through a translator he says "I like the energy." 

Steen learned the dance so well that she performed in Rio's famed Sambadrome at Carnaval. The BBCC also offers capoeira, jiu-jitsu, parkour, dance and drumming.

Brazilian Mall

Brazilian merch anyone? Looking for hats, shirts, shoes and the ever popular Havianas thong sandals? You'll find them at the corner of  Venice and Westwood, at a small place called the Brazilian Mall with its Supermercado Brazil.

Inside, you'll also find foods and favorites in the freezer to take home, like acai and coxhina, and Brazil's signature cheese bread to bake in your oven.

Esquina Brazil 

Want authentic food? Esquina Brazil is attached to the mercado. It's flooring is patterned after the famed Copacabana Beach walkway.

Esquina Brazil boasts about its pizza but it also offers a traditional meal, feijoada, a black bean and meat stew.

Villa Brasil

For a feast for the eyes book a room a boutique motel on Washington boulevard, Villa Brasil. It is a family owned motel described as charming, even funky. The outside building is modest but drive into the lot and you'll find a flood of bright colors

Cafe Brasil is their restaurant is right next door and equally delightful in decor, the colors capturing the spirit of our South American neighbor.

More of Brazil in LA

Other restaurants bringing Brazilian food are Pampas Grill with it's affordable buffet style menu. Bossa Nova has a location on Pico Boulevard.

For fitness and the martial arts, there's Delta Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles.

Copa América

In the match of Brazil versus Costa Rica, it was tied 0-0 after a Brazil goal got called back. Fans of Seleção are looking ahead to the World Cup also being held in Los Angeles two years from now.