Arizona's Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio stumps for GOP congressional candidate Omar Navarro

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio now finds himself on the campaign trail after a presidential pardon back in August.

He said he's getting back into politics because he doesn't like the direction of the country.

"It has nothing to do with the pardon," Arpaio said. "I didn't ask for it, but I'm very humbled that he did it."

Arpaio, who became world famous for his hardline immigration policies as the sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona, is now stumping for Republican congressional candidate Omar Navarro.

"All these things that are said about him are not true," Navarro said. "I'm hispanic, I"m Latino, my mom's from Mexico my dad's from Cuba and the man is just very genuine and I'm happy that he's here supporting me."

Navarro is trying for the second time to unseat democrat and Trump opponent Congresswoman Maxine Waters of the 43rd congressional district.

Navarro said he's a believer in legal immigration, but he's critical of California now being a sanctuary state.

"I disagree with California being a sanctuary state I believe that they are disobeying federal law," Navarro said.

"If he wants to take on the federal government ok, but let's see who is going to win that battle," Arpaio said of Governor Jerry Brown who signed the bill.

Arpaio also took a stab at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who appeared in a Twitter photo wearing an "Arrest Arpaio" t-shirt at an Arizona campaign rally last year.

"I'm a little concerned, I hope he's not going to arrest me here, but since it's a sanctuary city probably I'm ok," Arpaio joked.

Arpaio, who considers President Trump a friend said, he will only support politicians who support the President.

Outside the fundraiser at the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, a small group of protestors said Arpaio wasn't welcome in the city and they chanted anti-Trump messages.

"This Trump-Pence regime is shredding up civil liberties, shredding up the constitution, shredding up the democratic foundation of this country," Atlas Winfrey, with, said.

While Arpaio and the President have made several public appearances together, Thursday night's fundraiser was the first time Arpaio said he's been on a Trump property.

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