A New California: Protocols hotels will most likely take once reopening

We’re still a ways away until the hotel industry is fully open for business, but once the doors do reopen what’s that experience going to be like?

“Hospitality has typically been about smiles and handshakes and in this new reality smiles behind a mask and a lack of handshakes are kind of the new reality,” says Phil Cordell, Global Head of New Brand Development at Hilton.

Cordell says hospitality is now focused on smiling with your eyes and cleanliness.

He says Hilton has teamed up with Lysol to incorporate what they call “Hilton Clean Stay” at their more than six thousand properties across the globe.

It’s a cleaning program that identifies the top ten hot spots in a room – those areas that are touched the most -- things like the remote control, handles and knobs, all the major surfaces and, of course, the bed and bedding.

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Cordell says these areas will get special attention and a deep Lysol cleaning.

What’s the big deal?

The cleaning process now becomes part of the guest experience and that’s what guests want, says Cordell.

“There will be more transparency of how the cleanliness process works at hotels.  Before it kind of happened behind the scenes; guests assumed and appreciated the fact that it was there but didn’t have a lot questions about how it was happening. I think now we'll see much more effort front and center so guests can have confidence and feel good about what's going on here,” says Cordell.

When it comes to front desk check-in, guests can skip that process and make use of a digital key, which is a service that’s long been available.

Room service will also be contactless.

Cordell calls it “room service in a bag.”

It will be left outside the guest’s room with single use condiments and silverware and guests will have to plate it themselves.

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