'A gun, not a mask': OC doctor pulls out gun during anti-mask video

An Orange County doctor is under fire for not only saying "a gun, not a mask" will provide better protection during the viral pandemic, but also for pulling out a gun during the anti-mask video posted to social media. 

Dr. Jeff Barke made the statement during an interview with fellow anti-masker, Peggy Hall. During the interview, he brandished a handgun to illustrate his point of view.

Dr. Barke is an Orange County volunteer reserve deputy with a permit to carry a concealed weapon and is reportedly associated with local school boards, the Board of Supervisors, and has an alleged business relationship with Hoag Hospital.

The hospital released a statement on Twitter, that read in part, "To be clear, he is not an employee and does not hold admitting privileges at Hoag Hospital. His personal views in no way represent the views of Hoag or Hoag Medical Staff, and are inconsistent with those of all recognized medical and scientific organizations.”

Barke has an apparent history of expressing his anti-mask beliefs and his medically unorthodox views.