LA commuters react to gas prices hovering around $6 per gallon

When we met Tatia Smith, she had her radio blasting and she was dancing. But, it wasn't a happy dance. It was her way of coping after seeing gas prices hover around $6 a gallon.

Smith said the rise is unfair.

Whether FOX 11 visited gas stations near the south side, East Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, commuters across Southern California were all unhappy with the surge in gas prices.

But, whether we were on the south side, East Los Angeles where another driver says the cost was too much, and the San Fernando Valley where April Smith said,

"It puts a big dent in everything," April Smith, of the San Fernando Valley, said.

California gas prices continue to skyrocket

Window installer Terrance Bennett tells FOX 11 he has four kids and a wife. Terrance said the price of gas is affecting what he'd like to do for the family says he can't take them out. 

"If I can not put gas in my car I can not take them out to have a good time, family time... going to Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Raging Waters, Knotts Berry Farm," Bennett explained. 

When can we expect to see some relief? That's the big question. 

Doug Shupe with the Auto Club of Southern California says prices are high primarily because of increasing global crude oil prices.

Shupe says that's partly because Saudi Arabia and Russia have reduced their oil exports putting upward pressure on the prices. Also, disasters around the world like the deadly flooding in Libya. 

But, the answer to the million-dollar question of when will it get better doesn't seem certain. 

"We're hoping we're going to see some relief in the near future its all going to depend on crude oil prices and how high they go? But the one positive that we do anticipate is when the winter blend fuel will enter the marketplace," said Shupe.

That, says Shupe, should bring the price down 15 to 20 cents a gallon because it is cheaper to produce. However, all of that could be scuttled by international pressure. 

"I don't ever think I've seen prices this high," April Smith said.