2 suspects arrested in Riverside ATM 'skimming' fraud

Riverside officers arrested two suspects allegedly involved in installing "skimming" devices at various bank ATMS around the city. These devices capture the card data and PINs, which can then be cloned onto another card, allowing the suspects to make fraudulent withdrawals and transactions on the victims' accounts.

29-year-old Nicolae Adrian Masu and 26-year-old George Daniel Mirica, both of Santa Ana, were arrested for identity theft, transferring stolen identifying information and conspiracy to defraud.

The two men were arrested at the Bank of America, located on the 10200 block of Magnolia Avenue near the Galleria at Tyler shopping center in Riverside.

Inside their vehicle, detectives found numerous access cards that the suspects allegedly used to install cloned data from a skimmed card, skimmer devices used to capture card data, and other items used to install skimming devices.


"Card skimming fraud is at an all-time high throughout the United States," said Economic Crimes Detective Brian Money.

To better protect yourself against an ATM "skimming" crime, police advise the following:

  • Always check ATMs for any unusual or loose parts attached before using the machine.
  • Protect your PIN by covering the number pad from both sides, as suspects can use small pinhole cameras secretly placed on the sides of ATMs to capture a person entering their PIN
  • Routinely change your PIN
  • Opt for a card with the "tap" feature
  • Report anything suspicious to the bank and/or law enforcement.