In Depth: A look back on 2020

Segment 1: Core

Ann Lee is the CEO of CORE, which was founded after the Earthquake in Haiti and provides relief and assistance after disasters.  

They are now working in cities across the U.S. helping out with crises from hurricanes to, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. The charitable group is now in Los Angeles assisting with free COVID-19 testing, and contact tracing.
Lee says that the group helps with logistical issues and security to allow the health workers to ramp up to as many as 20,000 tests per day.  She says across the US they have probably topped 1.8 million tests altogether.

However Lee says testing is not enough.  She says other factors necessary to stop the spread are getting the message out about how to protect oneself, and  contact tracing.

She says the group is able to persuade people to talk to them even in areas where there is a great distrust of the government
Segment 2: Dr. Lucy Jones’ New Podcast
Dr. Lucy Jones and John Bwarie, the Deputy Director of the Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society have launched a new podcast this month.  It is intended to share solid scientific information to calm the public during these chaotic times. That podcast called "Getting through it"  is available online.

Jones and Bwarie discuss Dr. Jones’ new project after retiring from the USGS.   The Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society works to help train young scientists, and it helps use science to give businesses and governments a foundational tool for decision-making and policy creation.
Segment 3: Lockdown Workouts
Jake Steinfeld, the CEO of "Body by Jake" joins Hal to talk about fitness at home during the pandemic. He says a lot of people are struggling because the gyms are closed, the yoga studios are closed, and people aren’t able to maintain their usual exercise routines. That too, can lead to depression, he says.

Steinfeld says when he started his workout career in the 70’s he would go to people’s homes and just use a broomstick and a towel as workout gear.  

He says the point is that you don’t need any elaborate fitness gear, simply getting active and using resistance is the best way to feel better both physically and mentally.  Jake says that home fitness is great because people feel most comfortable at home. He says the best way to get motivated is to change the words "I can’t" to "I can." 

Anything can be used for resistance exercises from water bottles to cans of food.  He says he’s made a living making fitness fun.
Segment 4: Wrap Up
We end with a compilation of the pandemic performances that have stood out through the year.