Day 2 of the Canyon Fire: Firefighters and residents concerned

Day 2 of the "Canyon Fire" was a day of second guessing the wind after more than 24-hours of conditions that sent flames dangerously close to homes and caused authorities to order the evacuation of some 300 affecting some 1500 people.

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Well, except for people like Arvin Sethman who didn't want to leave. Sethman told FOX 11, "I just wanted to protect my house."

Sethman and his son Todd got up on their roof and used a power-washer to keep their home wet hoping to fend off embers. This while an air force of 11 helicopters, 7 air tankers and a DC-10 swooped across the hillsides hitting flames with enough water to drown them.

Orange County Fire Authority Captain Larry Kurtz was concerned there was still unburned fuel in the area. That's why the worry over the wind. It was erratic...calm one minute - gusty the next. That can send embers every which way which is how spot fires start.

Kurtz says embers can land "almost a mile-and-a-half away and two miles in front of the main body of a fire." That's what had Arvin Sethman so nervous.

Firefighters never want homeowners to ignore an evacuation order although some people do.

Says Kurtz, "We understand. People like Arvin probably have been in that home a very very long time. It's very tough for people to walk away from the homes because of an order."

But, given the ferociousness of the "canyon fire" Sethman is grateful "most of the homes made it thought without a problem."

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