Lou Diamond Phillips talks "Prodigal Son"

Phillips directed next week's winter finale of the hit FOX show. He talks about that, his new book, and taking a cross country road trip with his family, 5 cats, and a dog!

Tom Payne from Prodigal Son talks about the show's season finale

Monday night is the season finale of FOX's Prodigal Son. Payne plays a profiler who gets into the heads of killers and helps solve challenging murders. His character is also the son of a serial killer, which is why he has such insight into what makes serial killers. Tom talks about what we can expect and how the final minutes made HIS jaw drop when he saw it for the first time. The finale airs at 9pm on FOX 11.

Lou Diamond Phillips stars in Prodigal Son on FOX

Fans of Fox’s hit show ‘Prodigal Son’ are all asking the same question: how is it all going to end? Lou Diamond Phillips talked about what to expect in the show’s final two episodes and explained how everyone got the season finale they wanted despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Prodigal Son airs Monday nights on FOX.