Boeing’s Starliner capsule launch

For only the third time since the Apollo missions, astronauts are trying out a brand new spacecraft. Boeing’s Starliner capsule finally lifted off Wednesday morning on its third test flight, but the first with humans aboard.

Moon will 'kiss' Saturn on May 31 and other summer sky events to watch

On May 31, sky lovers can witness a stunning celestial event as the Moon will appear to "kiss" Saturn in the southeastern sky just before dawn, offering a rare and captivating visual spectacle for amateur astronomers and stargazers, with several other noteworthy celestial events occurring this year.

Voyager 1: NASA may have just managed to save its historic spacecraft

Voyager 1 and 2 launched in 1977 and are NASA’s oldest and most distant robotic space travelers. An issue with Voyager 1’s code that began in November meant the spacecraft was unable to send back data from interstellar space. After some creative engineering to find a solution, Voyager teams got the first usable data from the spacecraft on April 20.

US, Japan announce joint venture for Moon exploration

The pressurized rover will be in addition to one in development by U.S. companies that is expected to be in operation by 2030. The last lunar vehicle to be used on the Moon happened during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.