What The Hal? Training programs in cloud computing and the medical field

In this episode, we talk about a couple programs that revolve around training programs and job opporunities.

One of them is Cloud computing. It's is all the rage, and now Santa Monica College is teaching cloud computing, for one simple reason...all the big companies are using it. The other program is about medical assitance programs at UCLA

We had several people on the podcast talking about each of these two topics.

What The Hal episode:

Santa Monica College has developed a Cloud Computing curriculum with Amazon World Services, which is one of the world's biggest cloud computing companies. Check out some of the job listings and salaries for people with cloud skills. Computer programmers can make about $90-thousand dollars. Software developers, over $100-thousand. Computer network architects can make more than $120-thousand.

To watch a video of some of the guests on this podcast, click here.