What the Hal? FOX 11 kicks off another weekly podcast

Hal Eisner, long time journalist, reporter and host for FOX 11 and "FOX 11 News In Depth" has launched his own podcast, simply titled, "What The Hal?"

"What The Hal?" is a podcast where FOX 11's Hal Eisner talks in depth with newsmakers and public figures on significant topics that are relevant to our Los Angeles audience. This podcast is a more intimate conversation with those who appear on the "FOX 11 News In Depth" show that airs Sunday mornings on FOX 11.

FOX 11 also produces two other podcasts:

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Hal's first guest: George Takei. You can listen to the first episode right here:

Here's more about George's story that is covered on the podcast:

The year was 1966 when The Starship Enterprise blasted off with Sulu on board. It would launch George Takei into a different stratosphere as an actor and an activist for Japanese Americans and LGBTQ issues. Along the way, he's cultivated a huge fan following and has become a social media star with millions of fans online.

George Takei is also a kid from LA with an unusual history. He grew up in LA and was the oldest son of hardworking immigrants. It was a happy childhood until the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. The Takei's lost their home, their business, and their freedom, spending several years at two internment camps: one in Arkansas and the infamous Tulelake in Northern California.

He spent a lifetime remembering so others won't forget.

Takei has never taken himself seriously, appearing in a lighthearted documentary about his life. Meeting millions of fans at Star Trek conventions - but his causes he does take seriously. Including his latest the musical, "Allegiance," a new musical inspired by his own story and the story of thousands of Japanese Americans who lives through those difficult days in American history.

You can watch George Takei's segment on FOX 11 News In Depth here.

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