Woman says she had relationship with Herschel Walker, challenges him to face-to-face meeting

A second woman who alleges that Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker pressured her to have an abortion held a news conference in Los Angeles Tuesday.

She called out the former football star's contention that he doesn't know her and challenged him to meet in person prior to his runoff election.

"Herschel, I never thought you would deny knowing me or our relationship," the woman, identified only as Jane Doe, said through tears at a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred. "Are you really willing to do anything, including lying to the voters in Georgia, to become a senator?"

She then asked if Walker had "the guts" to meet with her in person, "look me in the eye and deny knowing me."

Jane Doe came forward initially in an October news conference with Allred, then spoke again in an interview with ABC News. She claims she had a years-long affair with the then-married Walker and got pregnant in 1993. She said Walker eventually convinced her to have an abortion, and even drove her to a clinic to undergo the procedure.

During Tuesday's press conference, they displayed love notes allegedly sent from Walker and played an old voice message. Jane Doe said she had a six-year relationship with Walker in the 80s and 90s… when he was married. 

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Walker, a staunch abortion opponent and a conservative Republican backed by former President Donald Trump, has vehemently denied the woman's allegations -- even denying that he knows her -- along with claims by another woman who alleges that Walker paid for her to have an abortion.

"This is all a lie, and I will not entertain any of it," Walker told reporters when Jane Doe came forward last month. After her ABC News interview, he issued a statement saying, "This was a lie a week ago and it is a lie today. Seven days before an election, the Democrats trot out Gloria Allred and some woman I do not know. My opponents will do and say anything to win this election. The entire Democrat machine is coming after me and the people of Georgia. I am not intimidated. Once again, they messed with the wrong Georgian."

Walker is facing a Dec. 6 runoff election in Georgia against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

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At her news conference Tuesday, Jane Doe read from a letter she said Walker wrote to her parents in April 1993. She also read entries from what she described as her personal diary from 1993, recounting her feelings when she learned she was pregnant and Walker's rapidly changing response to the news -- going from acceptance to fears of retribution from his wife and family to his eventual desire for her to seek an abortion. She also shared a photo of herself with Walker, which Allred said was taken in 2019.

Jane Doe and Allred both challenged Walker to meet in public in Georgia prior to the runoff election. Allred challenged him to "say to her face that he doesn't know her, after a six-year intimate relationship with her. ... Let him say that to her face."

Representatives for Walker could not be immediately reached for comment on the challenge.