LA man tosses dog 3 flights of stairs at apartment building in Koreatown

WARNING: The video shown above is extremely disturbing and may be upsetting for viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A man takes a whimpering 7-month-old puppy and drops him down three stories at a Koreatown apartment building.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call in the 4000 block of Oakwood Avenue after residents in the building told officers about the man tossing the dog down the stairs. The man allegedly in the video, 27-year-old Joeboury Coleman, was detained in an alley near the Los Angeles apartment building.

The incident quickly went viral when posted on the Kris Kelly Foundation's social media pages. One of the people seeing it on the rescue organization's Instagram page was Dione Michael, who decided to do more than follow the posts.

She went to the building, talked to residents, even the building manager, and learned that police at one point had knocked on the man's door but left when he didn't answer.

So Dione waited till she saw him, went live on the Kris Kelly page asking people to call LAPD and demand action.

Eventually, a police car did show up, and you see on her posts, LAPD officers handcuffing him and taking away a dog that looks like the one thrown down the stairs.

The dog has since been taken to a local animal shelter, and is likely in need of surgery to fix her broken leg. LAPD said the dog is also being treated for poor nutrition.

Coleman has since been booked for animal cruelty and is being held on $0 bail, LAPD said.

Another dog in the apartment, a large Pitbull, was not taken by officers, who referred us to LA City Animals Services to follow up on the case.

"If one person calls, nothing happens" Dione said. "When we all get together and make the noise loud, they at least have to start reacting!"

She calls it a movement: People on social media activating into an "army for animals."

The man on the video would not come to the door when we knocked, and has not responded to our request for comment.