Woman buys fish from Costco, finds live worm inside

"It was big," said Randolph to FOX 5. "I have even Googled it since then and that was a very large worm. It should have been caught before it was put out to the public to potentially eat."

Randolph brought the fish package back to Costco and received a full refund. However, Randolph was disgusted to learn she was not the first customer to return fish for this reason.

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A woman is claiming to have found a live worm in a package of fish she purchased from Costco two weeks ago.

Emily Randolph of Frederick, Maryland, bought a 2-pound package of fresh wild Atlantic cod at Costco on February 9, FOX 5 reported.

Randolph said she planned to cook the fish a few days later, before the February 12 "Sell By" date, but the fish began to smell bad. That's when she and her husband looked closer at the package and discovered a live worm in the corner of the wrapped package.

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