Wife convinces husband that $275 Ulta bill was for 'utilities'

For the health of a long term relationship, communication about finances is essential, making one woman's justification of a particularly pricey makeup bill to her partner all the more comical.

On Jan. 1, Twitter user @trishaaaayyye shared an anecdote that sent the Twitterverse into hysterics:

"My dad is going through his bank statements and goes "what's U-L-T-A? $275 ? Is that utilities?" And my mom goes "yeah I payed the bills " and he said thank you," she wrote in a post that soon went viral. "I AM SCREAMING" @trishaaaayyye added.

Some shared similar stories of their mother's stealthy shopping habits, while others called her mom an inspiration. One savvy man chimed in, stating, "I know what Ulta is [but] it doesn't matter if my girl needs something from ulta she can get it. Others joked about the "unwinnable" logistics of separate bank accounts in a marriage.

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