Where Does the Carson Mayor Live?

Carson wants two NFL teams for its new stadium, but two men at city hall who have been intimately involved with the project are at odds. The two men are Mayor Albert Robles and Former Mayor and current City Clerk Jim Dear.

There are issues that have been raised about Robles' filing of reports and personal finances. Dear, however, has raised concerns about the Mayor's legal residence. Dear says Robles "...does not live in the City of Carson." He says the Mayor's wife owns a house near USC.

Robles tells us, "Today I woke up in Carson like I have literally thousands of times before. I woke up, I showered in Carson, got ready in Carson and then tonight.. as I have thousands of nights before, I will go to bed in Carson."

On a small Carson street there's a small house where Robles says he lives. It's his parents home. We knocked on the door. His dad answered and said that his son does live at the home. A neighbor, Fred Scanlan said the same thing.

That doesn't necessarily resolve the question as Dear continues to insist Robles is violating the law.

This isn't the first time that there's been turmoil at city hall. Politicians have been butting heads for decades in this town. But it's the first time there's been a big stadium project and an effort to bring two NFL teams here.

To Dear "It's horrible for our community" as it tries to get the Raiders and Chargers. As for the Mayor, "I'm disappointed that it's bringing negative attention to my family and the city of Carson.

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