What should you do if you win the Powerball $1.9B jackpot?

Across the country lottery players anxiously await the release of the winning numbers in Powerball's $1.9 billion jackpot.

In the meantime, Powerball players have 1.9 billion reasons to dream big or map out a wishlist of things to do if they hit the jackpot. As many of us take a ride on the dare to dream express, there's also the reality lotto winners face which includes their prizes being taxed, important decisions being made and their lives being changed forever.

To help future winners map out a safe plan, FOX 11 was joined by California Lottery spokesperson Carolyn Becker as she broke down what you should do if you win the big jackpot.

First step? Don't lose your ticket!

"You cannot claim that prize without your ticket. Put it somewhere safe," Becker warned.

She also said to be careful who you tell, especially if you win the jackpot. She also advised lotto players to get professional advice when it comes to making money decisions.

Becker said jackpot winners have a year to come forward. Once they come forward, she says officials go through a rigorous process.

"Even if they do come forward, it takes weeks, if not months," she explained. "Everybody needs a little patience for how this one's going to end."

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California Lottery also has a winner's handbook that also provides guidance for those who are expecting the big bucks.